Professional Photoshop UXP (Single User)

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...Davide was hired by the Photoshop team to fix and enhance the UXP API for Photoshop and created some great documentation for us. We would not be where we are today with our API without his instrumental help.

Thomas Ruark, Principal Computer Scientist, Adobe Inc.
(from the Foreword)

The Book

326-page PDF, always up-to-date with the latest Photoshop version—free updates.

I can hear you wondering about the Table of Contents.

The Code

In the book, I discuss a lot of code, both UXP Scripts and UXP Plugins—you'll find more than 30 bundled in a hand-crafted zip file.

Available Offers

  • Single User: Book + Code, licensed to solo developers. 👈
  • Enterprise: Book + Code, licensed to companies (up to 10 seats)

For custom licensing options, please feel free to contact me for a personalized quote.


How does this compare to Adobe UXP Plugins development with React JS?

Two main components make up Photoshop extensibility:

  1. UXP API: the architecture that provides the runtime environment for creating scripts and plugins, integrated seamlessly into various Adobe Creative Cloud applications. Learning it involves understanding how plugins are structured, their lifecycle, commands, how to build their user interface, how to use shared features like Network and FileSystem modules, etc.
  2. Photoshop API: the interface allowing direct access to the automation of Photoshop features at the core of Scrips and Plugin alike. It includes the Scripting Document Object Model, ActionJSON, Imaging API, and everything else the UXP API uses to interact with Photoshop as its host application.

Think about the UXP API as an office: it has a well-defined architecture, internal operational rules, processes and control systems, as well as features standard in every other workplace—like restrooms and hiding places. The Photoshop API instead is the team of people doing their job there—in our case, they are processing images. The InDesign API may inhabit the same office yet perform different tasks. To get stuff done, you must know about both the office and the people.

  • Adobe UXP Plugins development with React JS is primarily about the UXP API and uses some Photoshop API for demonstrative purposes. It also teaches you ReactJS from scratch—one of the most popular JavaScript libraries, incredibly useful for building UXP plugins' User Interfaces.
  • Professional Photoshop UXP is primarily about the Photoshop API and uses some UXP API for demonstrative purposes.

They are specular in their approach and complementary at the same time.
I hope this helps!

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Professional Photoshop UXP (Single User)

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